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The Electronic Intifada
In under a week, a proposed vote on Gaza became an effort to clamp down on pro-Palestine demonstrations.
Scandal grows around newspaper`s fraudulent “investigation.”
High Pay Centre
Astrazeneca CEO`s Pascal Soriot paid £17 million last year
Elon Musk Tesla pay package legal ruling reveals a rotten system for rewarding executives
Setenta e Quatro (Portugal)
Os opositores do boicote académico a Israel afirmam que as universidades israelitas são refúgios de livre investigaçã...
O Paris Saint Germain é um dos clubes mais conhecidos a nível mundial, fruto do investimento subsidiado pela empresa ...
The Objective
El País
Vinicius marcó un doblete para los blancos | Duro y Yaremchuk anotaron para los locales
El alcalde de Villanueva de la Serena vence a Lara Garlito con el 56,2 % de los votos
Fumaça (Portugal)
Não deixes que sejam os algoritmos a escolher por ti. Há uma forma de reunires os teus conteúdos favoritos, sem inter...
Dia 7 de março há novo Ask Me Anything Fumaça. Falamos sobre impostos e Estado Social com o economista Alexandre Merg...
Russian Go Federation
Le Vilain Petit Canard
Ce texte a été publié ce 1er mars par Margarita Simonyan, rédactrice en chef du groupe Rossiya Segodnya, dont Sputnik
Des dizaines de Palestiniens ont entendu dire que des camions transportant de la farine précieuse étaient sur le poin...
The Electronic Intifada blogs
Scandal grows around newspaper`s fraudulent “investigation.”
Panorama climbdown follows The Electronic Intifada`s reporting.
Andrew Sullivan's blog
This is a free preview of a paid episode. To hear more, visit Rob is a young independent writer. His work has been ...
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
IMF News
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva delivered the following remarks during the first m...
Deepening the Partnership Between the Pacific Islands and the IMF, Op-ed by IMF`s Bo Li and Marshall Mills, Originall...
Kyiv Post
Eight were confirmed dead, including a child and a baby, after an overnight drone strike on Odesa. Separate shelling ...
It needed to be said – that NATO was not ruling out any options – but it should have been said in concert. Now the re...
Democratic Socialists of America
Social Europe
Israel’s demolition of Gaza will haunt Europe’s conscience for generations to come and imperil the claims of the demo...
While Vladimir Putin’s role is all but undeniable, there is a silent accomplice whose part in this tragedy must not b...
República dos Pijamas (Portugal)
Antes de mais, obrigado por leres e subscreveres.
Caitlin Johnstone's blog
As Desmond Tutu said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If a...
Imperial propaganda outlet The New York Times is currently embroiled in a massive scandal over its reporting which al...

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